Sponsoring Parents on Permanent Resident Visa

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New eligibility criteria announced by CIC, Canada

Sponsoring parents

As of January 02, 2014, you can sponsor your parents and grandparents on permanent resident visa to Canada. The sponsorship of parents/grandparents was paused in November 2011 by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). However, CIC announced this new launch in 2013 along with eligibility criterias. To begin with, there is a cap of only 5,000 applications for 2015. The sponsor must provide financial support along with essential needs ensuring that no government assistance is required by your parent/grandparent for length of 20 years. The sponsor will be required to provide CRA proof of income for a 3 year period. Your spouse or common-law partner may co-sign the sponsorship application to help you meet the income requirement. Also, you may not be eligible to apply for sponsorship if you’re currently under a previous undertaking. The processing time varies depending on the visa office the application is processed.


Some factors to consider prior to sponsoring your parents and grandparents will be:

  • Affordability: One of the main factors you should sincerely consider prior to sponsoring your parents/grandparents is the cost. Cost of not just sponsoring them to Canada but also bearing the cost for their survival. Assuming that your parents/grandparents won’t be working and won’t get Canada pension right away, you would have bear the expense for their living which includes but not limited to medicines (as government does not cover all prescription drugs), food, shelter, and other unpredicted expenses. You will be taking an undertaking at the time of sponsorship. An undertaking is an unconditional promise of support. The undertaking also remains in effect even if your financial situation deteriorates.
  • Loneliness: Often times parents/grandparents get bored in Canada. In most households, adults go to work and kids go to school, thus leaving elderly alone at home. Due to fast pace Canadian life style, family members don’t get to spend much time with them. Immigrated parents/grandparents don’t have much social life in Canada especially in initial years as most of their friends and relatives are back home. Also, most of the time they don’t get to socialize with many people such as neighbors due to language barrier.
  • Cold weather: Canada is known for its winter season. Most parents/grandparents don’t like the cold weather as they don’t go out that often. Older people with walkers or wheelchair don’t get to go out for an evening walk in snow. This ends up imprisoning them at home for a certain period which may leads to depression.

As an alternate, some people find Tourist Visa or Super Visa best way to get their parents/grandparents experience Canada on temporary basis. This allows parents/grandparents to visit Canada and determine if this is a place for them to reside permanently.

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