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Immigrant Times is a social enterprise (non-profit) serving new and potential worldwide immigrants. We publish monthly online magazine in English which is offered free to subscribers. Our vision is to become the most trusted go-to resource for immigrants; whether they are immigrating for job, business, investment, family reasons or higher education. We provide news, information, education and inspiration to immigrants across the globe. All our resources are and will always be free for the users.

We have set very high standards for ourselves and we are aiming to produce a world class magazine with extremely high quality of journalism and absolutely the best value for the reader. User experience and ease of navigation has been our main focus in developing this website. All the content we produce will be original, informative, educational or motivational.

All the information is organized by Countries: USA and Canada as categories and further organized under sub-categories: Education and careers, Jobs and employment, Business and investing, Money and finance and Resources. Soon we we will be adding information about England, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. We will also be adding World news, weekly news from around the world which is relevant for immigrants. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement

We are looking for Success stories as motivation, inspiration, encouragement and guidance for new immigrants. If you are a successful immigrant or know some one who has achieved note worthy success in USA or Canada, we will like to hear from you.

If you are a professional or run a business and want to reach out to immigrants we will be happy to discuss advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Because subscription for the users will be absolutely free, we need funds to support ongoing expenses to create, compile and present the content in a professional manner.

As a thank you note for your cooperation and help I offer you one months Free banner advertising for your organization. If you can not use this advertising space please pass along this offer to some one who can. Again, thank you so much for your time and please spread the word.

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