Immigrating to Canada? Research on the city and province

Select a location which has good job prospects

Moving to a new country can add a financial burden especially until you get a job. Knowing expected costs can help you prepare your financial budget for at least first six months. If you’re immigrating to Canada, first recommendation is to research about the city and province you will be living in. For example, cost of living in Toronto is higher than Montreal. Select a location which has good job prospects, located in the heart of the city, all other facilities nearby such as bus stop, school, YMCA, grocery store etc. YMCA helps new immigrants in finding jobs and assist them in preparing resumes.

Following are the list of expenses one should consider prior to migrating:
▪ Rent – estimate cost of basement apartment or apartment including used or new furniture, kitchen stuff, etc. Basement apartments are usually less expensive then apartment buildings.
▪ Food – grocery stores nearby such as Walmart, No frills, etc.
▪ Commute/ Travel expenses (Train or bus pass or cab)
▪ Health insurance – for first few months until you get your health card
▪ Telephone & internet connection
▪ Driver license – usually neglected but important point as some of the jobs do require valid driver license. Expenses related to joining learning classes.
▪ Bank fees – for locker to keep your jewelry.
▪ Entertainment – kids activities/ movie/ restaurant once in a while
▪ Extra money in savings for any emergency purposes

Tip: If you can rent an apartment close to your work, you will save time and money both.



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