About Immigrant Times

Immigrant Times Corporation is a social enterprise serving new and potential worldwide immigrants. We publish monthly online magazine in English which is offered free to subscribers. Our future plans include a limited print edition for embassies, social service agencies and doctor offices where immigrants are likely to use it the most. We also plan French and Spanish sections in the magazine in near future.


Our vision is to become the most trusted go-to resource for immigrants; whether they are immigrating for job, business, investment, family reasons or higher education. We provide news, information, education and inspiration to immigrants across the globe. All our resources are and will always be free for the users.


We believe in a global community united in prosperity, peace, kindness, abundance, good health, happiness, equality and respect for human beings. We will promote these values through all avenues available to us.


Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower the immigrants so that they can succeed in their goal in the chosen land of opportunity.


We help immigrants find the right information about the country of their destination, news from back-home which is relevant to their situation, articles which are of interest to them in their settling down process; ever changing rules and regulations that affect immigrant community. All information is geared towards professionals, students, self employed individuals and investors looking for opportunities in developed countries.


We feature immigrant success stories to encourage new immigrants in settling down and boost their morale to pursue their goals in their new chosen land. We also arrange interviews with immigrants who have achieved remarkable success despite all odds. In future we will organize community events where we will invite keynote speakers who wish to share their experiences, setbacks and challenges on the road to success.


We provide knowledge, tools and resources required to succeed in their new country of destination. In this effort we are joined by our community partners and other social organizations who share our vision and goals. We also provide entertainment, sports and advocacy relevant for immigrant community.

Corporate Structure

Immigrant Times Corporation is a social enterprise, which means it is incorporated as a business with social objective. Main success factor for the corporation is number of people helped in their journey to a successful life in their chosen land of opportunity.

Mr. Subhash Sharma CPA, CMA, MBA Management accountant and Principal of Bronte Bay CPA Professional Corporation is Publisher who is serving on volunteer basis. Board of Advisers, who are also volunteers, have distinguished experience in the related industries and help the Publisher in designing and fine tuning the strategy for the organization.

Initial funding for the project is provided by the promoters and sponsorship from Bronte Bay CPA Professional Corporation. Cost to cover the expenses for creating content, proofreading, editing, graphic design, magazine publishing, website design and maintenance and administrative services is met from the revenue generated through advertising, sponsorships, media events and corporate gifts.

The organization leverages cloud, internet and multimedia technologies to keep the costs low while providing the world class services for the users.

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