How To Settle Comfortably in Canada

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Immigrating to Canada can be the experience of a lifetime. It’s such a huge change from what you are used to but it can also be very rewarding. Here are tips to make sure your experience of settling is as comfortable as possible.

Don’t Translate Dollars into your Home Currency

Make sure you have all your funds transferred into Canadian dollars either before you get to Canada or immediately upon your arrival. You won’t be able to purchase anything if you are trying to convert it on the go.

It’s Ok To Ask For Help

If you are lost in Canada even going to a job interview or looking for your local grocery store, stop and ask for help. People usually can tell if you need help but it’s ok to ask for help if you need it. Canadians love to lend a hand and show you the right way to go.


Shake Hands Firmly

When meeting employers in Canada it’s important to shake interviewer’s hand gently but firmly as it’s considered a sign of confidence. People in Canada expect a firm handshake so be self assured when meeting new people.

It’s Important To Do What You’re Good At

When creating your resume it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t need to list every job you had since you were a teenager. Cut it down and focus on an area that you are good at. Market yourself to your true potential and you will find a job that you are not only good at but that you love.

Appearance is Important

It’s important to look well groomed and to have clean hygiene when looking for work. Keep hair clean and combed and if you have a beard keep it trimmed. You want to put your best foot forward in your new life.

Canada is Cold

We Canadians are used to the cold that is synonymous with living in Canada. There’s a joke that we only have two seasons; cold and very cold. Although we do have fairly nice summers depending on where you settle down but they don’t last very long. So prepare yourself and your family to live in a colder climate than what you are used to.

Go Back to School

Depending on what your goals are when you arrive in Canada, it always helps to get local certification. You never know what the experience will bring to your life and you may just find a career that you are passionate about.

Get a Job Immediately

Whether you decide to go back to school or not you will still need to get some kind of job so that your bills are paid. Depending on what you are looking for, in the beginning you may have to settle with whatever comes your way. Think of it as a stepping stone, as you gain more experience you can continue to move forward and upwards.


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