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Traditionally the most immigrant–friendly cities in respective U.S. states have been New York, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Houston, Texas. ... View More


Part I: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam It is true that America has become the most religiously diverse nation in the world.  According to Sociology Professor Charles... View More


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The melting pot metaphor implies the homogeneous process that assimilates a previously heterogeneous society into a fused culture in the purported interest of maintaining... View More


Clothing, manner of dress, and personal adornments including jewelry and body embellishments or modifications such as tattooing or piercing reflect individual and family preferences... View More


Cuisine is fundamentally representative of one’s ancestral culture of origin.  Ingredients for dishes reflect the terrain, climate, and indigenous plants and animals of the... View More


As the chosen home of immigrants from a variety of global cultures and origins, the United States has been shaped by diverse traditions, cuisines,... View More