Best cities in the world to live in

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Best cities in the world to live in
The global population is on the move and it is interesting to note where they are headed. While the US and Germany has shown increasing immigrant numbers, particularly for their more robust economies compared to other developed nations. New Zealand, Canada and Australia have been proactive in opening up their immigration policies to welcome more skilled labor into their midst and their efforts seem to have paid off with some of their cities now listed as the most desirable places to stay in.
As per the global annual “liveability index” released by the Economist Intelligence Unit, these three countries lead way ahead of the others. Eight of the ten most comfortable places and best cities in the world to live in fall here. Based on criteria like crime ratio, conflicts and unrest, quality of medical care, temperature and weather, levels of censorship, schooling and ease of transport, the study rates the tolerability factor of each city and how conducive they are for living and emigrating to.
A quick glimpse at the 10 best cities in the world to live in:
Melbourne, Australia – Securing a total score of 97.5, Melbourne has once again ranked as No.1 among the top cities of the world for the fourth year running. Great weather and cosmopolitan environment makes it a favorite with citizens and travelers alike which in turn has boosted its immigrant numbers as well. The deep seated colonial heritage blends in well with its multicultural dynamism, its pulsating music scene and world famous coffee culture. Outstanding healthcare has combined with excellent infrastructure and education system to make this the most liveable city for all.


Vienna, Austria – The very name conjures up an image of royal elegance and yet this city is a top choice for the modern world populace. With a score of 97.4, Vienna is a close second in the list. It scores quite identically to Melbourne across all categories except culture and environment. From the architectural grandeur of its past to the contemporary arts, everything is as much a foundation for travelers round the year as it is for a dynamic and lively city life for its residents. It provides excellent economic stability and healthcare opportunities, making it a comfortable place to settle in.


Vancouver, Canada – Vancouver is yet another city that has seen rapid growth and rise in popularity in recent years. Vancouver scored a 97.3 which showed how close it is to becoming the top city in the race. This dazzling Pacific location has been the haunt for tourists from across the world and for the Hollywood glamor brigade as well.
Toronto, Canada – With its thriving economy and throbbing cultural scene, Toronto has always been in the focal point for top cities. Despite the colder climes, as compared to other cities, Toronto and other Canadian cities are so popular with people from all over, Even those who have lived in hot tropical countries are willing to settle here because of its excellent infrastructure and economy. The blend of natural beauty and modern architectural splendor makes it a favored location for people who want peaceful and excellent standards of living at the same time.
The other cities which rank high in this list are Calgary, Canada; Adelaide and Sydney, Australia; Helsinki, Finland; Perth, Australia and finally Auckland, New Zealand. One dominant factor in all these cities is their low crime ratio which is an attractive feature indeed. A sound economy is of course a good reason why the crime rate is low and all these features combine to create an overall feeling of well-being that is so important, for citizens and immigrants alike. In a world full of strife people today are looking for places that will offer them that cushion of safety and peace and help them settle down to good life.
The Liveability Survey studies the ease or the hardship factors of cities around the world which acts as a good indicator of regular life in these places, for individuals and corporates alike. The good news is that MNCs which are constantly churning their workforce across locations will not have to shell out an expensive hardship allowance for their expatriate relocation packages for these cities. These mid-sized cities have a relatively low population density compared to their global counterparts and offer a more quality life which is a true reflection of their wealthy economies. In fact, the study noted how these places have held on to the quality of life over the years, a better indication for their growth and prosperity.


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