Anuj Agarwal

Anuj Agarwal
Anuj Agrawal completed his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from NJIT, USA, and is currently the CEO of a successful software company in Nepal ( He immigrated to the USA on a F1 visa in 2007. While pursuing his MS degree, he was a research assistant, and was lucky enough to secure himself a job in HMG America, as a Software Consultant, even during the recession of 2007-2010.  Having studied, and worked for reputed Software Company, as in immigrant in the USA, he loves to share his experiences. Apart from articles for immigrant’s issues, he also writes on financial matters, and ways on becoming a successful entrepreneur. His writings are not only limited to the USA, but are also popular among readers in Canada, London, and India. When not writing, he loves to explore new places and meet people. He is fluent in English, Spanish, Nepali, Hindi, and Bengali, and has visited the USA, Dubai, London, Nepal, and India, so far.


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