Vasile – A Canadian Immigrant’s Success Story

Many people wonder whether you can be successful immigrating to Canada. The truth is, of course you can, but your level of success is truly dependent on you and how hard you are willing to work to achieve your dreams. Trades especially are a great way to seek steady employment and they typically come with more opportunities.

The need for skilled trades people is increasing by the day. Many provinces are willing to invest money to help immigrants to learn skilled trades that are needed in the workplace today. The work is fulfilling and challenging and will pay well above minimum wage. Many people speak strongly about the love of their work and the desire to make a good living.



Here is a man who got training in the province of British Columbia and works as a tradesman. He had his own challenges similar to many others. Despite his challenges he was able to find success and joy in a career in the trades.

Vasile, is from Romania and works on plumbing projects for a construction company that provides  services on commercial and residential projects. When Vasile first moved to Canada he soon became frustrated as his finances ran low. Vasile then decided to move to British Columbia for a fresh start.


He first enrolled in an English language course to make sure he had a good handle on the language. It was through his learning of English that he became interested in working as a tradesman.  He was enrolled in a program initiative for immigrants and was deemed an excellent candidate to be involved in the trades. They helped him develop his resume and helped him form an employment action plan.

The program immediately started him on the right track, and provided him with information and training that he needed to pursue a career as a plumber. His determination paid off because he was hired to be a plumber’s assistant. He is now working towards becoming a Red Seal certified Plumber. He wants to work towards being a Foreman and continuing to rise up in his field.

Vasile has some great advice for other immigrants thinking of making the same journey to Canada. He has had great success in the trades and recommends reaching out to become part of the trades. It’s important to find a program that is right for you. What’s most important to realize is that you don’t give up on your dreams and don’t be afraid to give it your very best.

Kimberly Love
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